Just a Sec (and Thursday Rundown 5)

6 Feb

If fortune ever had it I should become a superhero, my catch phrase before jumping into action would inevitably be “just a sec!”

I don’t even like the way this phrase rolls off the tongue, but damned if I don’t find myself saying it. ALL. THE. TIME.

It is not even three whole words. Really, it’s not even a sentence. It’s disgusting. The grunt of the “juh;” the abruptness of the midwestern “uh:”  the chopped off “seeeehk;” combined together, they sound infinitely more like a sneeze than a response to a request.

I can use this reply no matter what or when or how I find myself caught up.  You want me to pass those peas? Just a sec!  Can I read through that email? Sure, just a sec!  Lend me a hand with this grocery bag? Just a sec!

Heaven forbid anything seriously demanding ever happen.  Give you the Heimlich? Yeah, just a sec!

I like to think of it as an automatic response, one that doesn’t so much mean I am not eager to help you right away, but just my internal phrase showing I heard you, here I come!

Truth be told, it’s really because I thrive on procrastination.  Doing things now, now, now get’s me all sorts of anxious and distracted. But give me a sec? I’m all up on that!

Which, in small doses, can be fine but you pile those seconds up and here we are, Thursday Rundown Five, without a single post in between.

Which really was the point of this long tangent.

I’m madly in love with this goofy Year of Gladness. It’s been a rough start to the year. Great things have happened, team, but for the umpteenth time this month I’m back in the capitol for some medical mumbo-jumbo.  I’ll blame the traveling on my lack of posting, but we all know the truth.  This gal just needs to get a better handle on life.

All that aside, here’s a quick rundown of this Thursday and each day’s gladness until today.

Thursday – February 16

We caught the early bus into the capitol.  I think the universe was totally avoiding another “hot bus” post as it was a delightfully comfortable ride and we got here quite easily.

After checking into the hotel and confirming tomorrow’s appointments, we had a nice time taking showers and charging up batteries. With the recent cold spell, we haven’t had water at site for nearly a week.  We have some stored up, but certainly not ready for bathing and this hot water from a spout was pure heaven.

Afterwards, we navigated some new bus routes to head to the greatest (and maybe only true) Chinese restaurant in the capitol. Pricey, but so worth it.

When we got back, I finally did some catching up on emails; we watched a little t.v., and now it’s off to bed for an early morning.  It certainly wasn’t the Thursday I dream of, filled with singing goofballs and energetic conversation clubs, but one I am glad for none-the-less.

To catch us up, one thing to be glad for each day last week:

Friday: delicious spaghetti with good conversation and friends.

Saturday: a warm hotel room! We had massive snow and ice; those of us in the capitol for meetings had to stay another night as the buses were not running back to the regions. Drats, right?

Sunday: my beautiful sitemate J. She was such a fun trooper and always positive as we endured the 11 hour journey trying to get home.  We finally made it, and I’m so glad for her smiles.

Monday: post-Superbowl Superbowl feast.  We missed the game, but all got together for junk food, junk food, commercial-viewing, and more junk food.

Tuesday: a great meeting with my counterpart. Lots of good ideas in the works, a friendly chat, and plans for the month!

Wednesday: Coca-cola. I had a rotten migraine, but that jolt of caffeine at 4 in the morning after 10 hours of throbbing was a perfect shock to the system.


To think of time–of all that retrospection,
To think of to-day, and the ages continued henceforward.   – Walt Whitman



One Response to “Just a Sec (and Thursday Rundown 5)”

  1. Kathy Fowler LaVista February 6, 2014 at 9:43 pm #

    Thanks for the post, Liv, your Gladness is my gladness. Now please (or in a sec) take another hot shower for me!

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