Thursday Rundown (4) … and catching up

30 Jan

As you know, my friends, I will never make excuses for missing a post now and then. Personally, nothing is more off-putting in opening a blog than the first lines of “so sorry I haven’t posted in ages!”

However, I would extend a teeeeeeny weeeny apology, as I love sharing moments from each day and feel a bit of sadness for those I miss.  I have been in the capitol WAY too many times this past month; additionally, I’m fairly certain we have attic rats messing with some wires as our power at home keeps going in and out and in and out…  fun times in the palm, amigos.

Yet, as is tradition, let me give you a more in depth of Thursday (and then do a brief catch-up on the highlights of this past week).

My dear partner and I are fortunate to both serve as mentors for the incoming group of AZ12s -the 12th group of volunteers to serve in country.  Today was our meeting to discuss the program logistics, chat about what info is good to pass along, and get acquainted with our role these next few months.

Before our gathering, however, my crew from back at site snuck in an early morning breakfast meeting with one of our staff members and had a wonderful, thought-provoking discussion about our village school project.  From the beginning, we’ve known this was a huge stretch and dream, but it was actually rather uplifting to hear our options and recognize the ways in which we can focus in on our goals.

After the mentor meeting, we had a chance to grab a late lunch with some fellow friends and volunteers at one of my favorite places in the capitol.  Squeezing back onto the bus later, it was a return to the hotel to catch up on site work and emails – on which I am still falling sadly behind.  This evening, the partner and I caught up with some other volunteers who were also in town for various mid-service meetings and had a great time talking over food and drinks.

And now… its back to the hotel.  I often feel both insanely pleased and terribly uncomfortable staying in the capitol. On one hand, nothing is better than waking up in a real bed and having an instantly hot shower with a big breakfast and heating.  Yet, at the same time, there’s always this pang of missing out on my work and life in the region. When I’m walking around in my hotel slippers and robe, sucking up all the electricity and internet I can find, I think back to where I would be at this moment back at site; instead of dining with volunteers in a swanky restaurant, I’d be sharing the afternoon with my great 4th formers, singing songs in a language they don’t quite know, wearing jackets in the classroom to stay warm and waving goodbye as they cross the muddy streets back home to swash through the beauties and struggles that come with life in Az.   I’m glad for all these experiences – both high and low – and only hope to better understand their connection and meaning the longer I am able to serve in Peace Corps.

And, to stay true to the Year of Gladness, here’s a snapshot of some of the best things (both momentous and mundane) that happened each day this week:

Last Friday: I found my grey and white striped hat I was SURE I had left in Tbilisi; the best bottom-of-purse-find ever!

Saturday: Coming back to site to find water, gas, electricity, AND internet all in tip-top shape; a productive evening if there ever was one!

Sunday: so glad for sunshine! Beautiful, fluffy-clouded, ray bursting sunshine to dry all the clothes and warm up the house.

Monday: easily getting visa renewal photos taken. Any time I have to complete a new adventure in Az, I’m always preparing for the worst and most confusing time ever.  And yet, we were in and out in five minutes, with actually decent looking photos in hand. Score one for paperwork!

Tuesday: back to the capitol yet again.  This time, I took a wild stab at it and took a small marshrutka bus into the capitol and boy did I win big!  For whatever reason, this fella was not stopping for ANYTHING.  The normally 4 – 5 hour trek? Busted that record in 3 1/2.  Loved it.

aaaaaand Wednesday: despite having to visit for some medical reasons, I loved getting to ride around with one of the Peace Corps drivers.  I’ve wrote about this ridiculous, food and car loving former professional driver before – he is always ready for a good story. I had the best twenty minutes listening to him and the PC doctor holler and laugh about what constitutes food.  No matter what she said, he refused to believe vegetables, put together to make “salad,” would ever constitute as real food.  Truly, he had some valid points…

And there’s the week. Here’s to another great one.

Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.   – Walt Whitman


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