Thursday Rundown (3)

23 Jan

I started off this fine Thursday the best way possible: a phone chat with my sister.  I can’t tell you how great it made me feel to hear her voice and laugh!  Though I was totally alive, awake, alert and enthusiastic at 5am to chat with her, since our gas doesn’t come on to heat up the house until 7, I decided it was probably best just to lay back under the covers for a teeeeny bit until I had to leave the house at 10.  Aaaaand, jump to 9:45, when I finally woke up again, it was a hectic start to the busy day. But, for once in my life, I had done a bit of planning and packing the night before so I was still able to head out the door by 10.

My sitemate and I headed to our class of 3rd formers – seriously the sweetest class in the universe. We have been doing a lot of practice with introductions and questions and they are on FIRE!  I feel really rather fortunate with these students; though we have some rough times, overall they are always so excited and happy to have us it is an absolute pleasure to be with them. Despite not knowing any Russian, we have developed a true rapport with the class and have come so far in our weekly visits I only wish we could see them more frequently.

After our class, as Kathy’s conversation club was cancelled, we had a nice hour of project planning and grant discussions before heading off to the village.

Last week, things were a little rough with my group of students during our community conversation club day. It was a lot of 6th – 9th grade friends crammed into a small space with no sound proofing between our adventure and the one in the next room over.  Additionally, it didn’t help that some of the fellas really didn’t want to be there, nor did I have the most solid lesson plan set out.  I have to constantly remind myself that – even and especially stateside – not all lessons are winners.  I was dreading today just because it had fizzled so sadly last week.

After a small pep-talk from partner of the century, a quick smile, review of an actual lesson idea and a few deep breaths, going in with the right attitude changed everything. That, and my spouse brought a soccer ball to play on the field with the students who didn’t want to have an English lesson. IT WAS A LIFESAVER.  Our class had a really strong group of kids who were anxious to learn and happy to be there. We reviewed some introductions and had a funny time discussing “good morning,” “good afternoon,” “good evening,” and “good night.” I think we finally got it!

When our time was up, we met again in the directors room and had tea with friends and talked over a few progress points in our build a school dream.  Another productive afternoon in the village!

Next, it was home to finish hand washing some laundry, go for a nice long walk in the sunshine, and home to make dinner.  We are, yet again, headed into the capitol tomorrow for a committee meeting so we have another fun bus ride to prepare ourselves for.  I was also head over heels glad to have a fabulous quick chat with my former sitemate who’s now back in America. We really miss our COSed friends and I love getting to catch up and hear about life.

All in all… another fabulous Thursday.


Ah, whispering, something again, unseen,
Where late this heated day thou enterest at my window, door,
Thou, laving, tempering all, cool-freshing, gently vitalizing   – Walt Whitman


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