The Mountain

14 Jan

Today after my medical appointment in the morning, it was off back to the bus station to catch a ride home.

For once, it was NOT the hottest ride this side of the desert; rather, I had the most delightful journey home on lofty seat up front, a quiet seat companion, and I tackled another 200 pages in The Fellowship of the Ring. (I’ve officially fallen deep into the category of full-fledged nerd, you guys, if there was still any doubt remaining. I even sat for a long moment, gazing out at the passing hills and cars,  considering the book and films my new favorite trilogy. All while wearing my Star Wars t-shirt and feeling guilty for being such a terrible traitor. After I decided I could love them both, I considered if it was worth it to order a map of Middle-earth and have it sent to us… that’s normal, right? HOW SWEET WOULD THAT BE?)

It was such a good trip home. I knew at the end of my journey I’d be reunited with my partner; we’d do a killer workout together, dine on some plov given to us by one of our friends, and jump back into some work I’m falling behind on – all of which was accomplished in the smoothest of fashions.

And to top it all off, when I climbed off the cool and tranquil bus, our big beautiful mountain was in view. Some days you can see it far in the distance; other days it remains hidden.  But with the setting sun and a clear sky, I’m so glad it was there to welcome me back to site.



(But seriously you guys, if you ever wanna geek out with me and talk about the journey to Mordor, you can always send a map to the following:

Liv Nelson, PCV
Bərdə Mərkəzi Poçt
Bərdə, Azərbaycan  0900
Azerbaijan  )
O the great patient rugged joys, my soul’s strong joys unreck’d by man,
(For know I bear the soul befitting me, I too have consciousness, identity,
And all the rocks and mountains have, and all the earth)  – Walt Whitman










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