Hot Bus!

13 Jan

Every time I take the bus from my site into the capitol, I swear to myself and all things holy that it was THE hottest bus ride in the history of bus rides ever.  As much as I love a visit into the city – the land of hamburgers and hotel beds – usually I loathe climbing up the steps onto that bus, prepared for a 4 – 5 hour sauna.  It’s just not worth it, you guys. It’s too damn HOT!

Today, of course, was no exception.  Snuggled in next to a delightfully plump granny with three jackets and full stockings she loved to rub up against me and sitting atop a floor heater set to 11, I was honest-to-goodness dripping full buckets by the time we pulled into the station.  Seriously team, I had to change my shirt. I felt like I’d run a thousand laps and then some.

I oozed out of the bus in the crazy station, determined to quickly get my errands done, stomp back to the hotel, push through some paperwork I’ve been dreading, and pass out.

Fortunately, the universe has a better attitude than I and gave me a room with one of my dear PC friends. Instead of mulling about dreading tomorrow’s appointments and return trips, we took a city bus downtown and enjoyed the most delightful of dinners and some drinks.

I can’t promise I won’t complain about it again (though I really am working on it!) but I’m truly glad for that hot bus, for while I whine like a baby and sweat like a pig, it always is worth it for the great things at the end.


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