Vegetable Beef Stew

5 Jan

Since three of our dear sitemates COSed this past month, we are down to four here in Barda. This evening was the first time we were able to all join together since right around the middle of December. It was sad to see our date night shrink from the feast of seven to a cozy reunion of four, but I couldn’t have asked for a better way to pass a Sunday evening.

Today I’m glad for my sitemate’s amazing cooking skills; well, I’m always glad for her absolutely delicious meals, but getting together tonight and sharing a meal to talk about trips home and abroad and locally over a big pot of vegetable beef stew was perfect.

Before moving to AZ, I really took cooking for granted. Even what I considered “meals from scratch” back home takes nowhere near the same effort as it does here. Between hunting around in little markets to hitting up the bazaar, to going to the butcher’s and grinding meat and fetching water and lighting the gas stove and soaking vegetables and waiting for the power to turn back on and cooking on one pan … you get the picture.  To have someone willing to make a big meal and share it? That’s some sitemate love right there.

I was fortunate enough to be raised in family that always eats meals together. We rarely ate separately, always sat at the kitchen table, and it was seldom for us to have the t.v. as a focus during the meal.  I love that I have just as  wonderful a support team of fellow volunteers who bond over food and wine and conversation.


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