4 Jan

Don’t get me wrong, I love the out-of-doors. I love nature and the wild and, especially since living sans trees and recently visiting bustling metropolises (metropoli?) I know that I am most content and relaxed when I am in the woods and near big, green places with leaves and brush and trails for miles.

However, despite my desire to get away from it all, for the most part I long to be SUCH a part of it all. I love being connected. 

There are those who claim distaste for all things Media – for all things New Episode Tonight and Like Us On Facebook. I got you, friend – I appreciate you and will let you have your thoughts: “Oh, I deleted my Facebook years ago – too much gossip” or “Well, I don’t even watch tv.”

And to that I say, good! More for me!

Give me your news feed updates, your flashy, your downloaded series yearning to be binge watched  in one cold winter’s evening!  Sure, I love waking up at sunrise to watch the brilliance peeking over the hills, but damned if I don’t also adore being in the loop as to who is leaving what show this season and creeping on all my amigos and following life stories – both fictional and otherwise –  while I’m here.

So today, I am infinitely glad for my accounts. I had the most wonderful conversation with a dear friend over messenger and I am stilling riding on the highs from our connection. Sure, we could have found other ways to reach each other, but it was so easy and delightful and I couldn’t possibly get enough.

In this Year of Gladness, while I am fortunate to have so many things to find worth it all, I’m mostly glad for you, and the chance to connect with you and share with you and maybe, on occasion, watch a whole season of a trashy sitcom – I’m always open for some great t.v.

This is the city, and I am one of the citizens,
Whatever interests the rest interests me.   – Walt Whitman


One Response to “Connected”

  1. timswhateverworld January 4, 2014 at 12:14 pm #

    Well I am sorry to agree completely. I define old men as those that sit around and complain about people looking at their damm phones all day. True one can get lost in technology and face to face in person conversations are best, but the world has changed. Most are likely just jealous that they can not understand what is happening.

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