Life Otherwise

10 Sep

I have this sweet partner who, while a pain in my butt, is also pretty great.

“So, is your blog just going to be long book reviews now?” he asked.

I must reply emphatically no, though with the pace of life it just so happens to be I’ve found lots and lots (and LOTS) of time for reading and I just get a little too excited to share books. I love books, you guys. I love them.

But, please know that life has been moving beyond the pages of my stories. While I am still bouncing around finding ways to fit my projects in and begin others and move forward on grants (which has been tough, as our internet is on the fritz as always), there are some fun things happening these past few weeks; let me share them along in bullet points, which are also fun:

– I was fortunate to have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR birthday celebrations. Mid-twenties ain’t nothing with all this amazinginesss. First, I recieved a big beautiful birthday package from my family, followed by a great afternoon Google Voice-ing with my parents. So many great, perfect, totally superfluous but much appreciated gifts!  Second, as it was two fellow PCVs birthdays’ as well, we had a beautiful night with other volunteers eating hot dogs, potato salad, apple crisp, a big, beautiful cake, and many other delicious treats and gifts and pleasantries. It was wonderful to spend time with so many great people. Third, I had an awesome day swimming at a reservoir with friends and, of course, eating great food and drinks and having a lovely time in the winding days of summer. FINALLY, on my actual birthday, my host aunt threw the most brilliant and charming dinner party with food, food, and more food. Even though my site mates were totally birthday-ed out, they were so kind to come and enjoy the day with me and for that I am eternally grateful and pleased. What’s better than that, I ask? Nothing. What a great birthday week.

– Last weekend I attended an outstandingly organized and intriguing Women’s Leadership Conference with fellow volunteers and counterparts. We were able to bring FIVE great women from our site and it was the perfect timing for the start of our project. I loved, loved, LOVED seeing these great women so passionate about their country and their ideas. I think it really helped create energy to move us forward – and they had a lovely time in the gorgeous mountains, too!

– Additionally, Matthew and I went to Baku for some medical stuff. Matthew rolled his poor ankle and wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything worse than a tough sprain. I tagged along but ended up getting some tests for these splotches on my arm. Turns out, both of us will live. Hollah! We did end up eating McDonald’s, of course, which was totally awesome and totally unnecessary.

– No internet as home as usual, but I’m grateful for Matt’s organization who is letting us bombard the office today and take up as much time online as needed. I feel like I am so behind on life, the universe, and everything that I need two whole days surfing the web to feel like a connected, annoying, attached American again. Hopefully, things will be back and up soon.

Of course there is always more, but I just wanted to send a little shout out that all is well, we are alive, I am doing a bit more than just obsessively reading, and cannot wait to dive into all that is to come. Thanks for sticking with us, team. It means more than you’ll ever know!

Freedom – to walk free and own no superior.
– Walt Whitman

2 Responses to “Life Otherwise”

  1. Allyson Loomis September 10, 2013 at 11:13 am #

    Love you, Olivia! We are wondering how to send cookies your way? What address will work? (The one I have is ATTN: Peace Corps, Sumgayit Post Office, Azdalig Prospect 15, Azerbaijan, 5000.)

    • livjnelson September 11, 2013 at 1:43 am #

      Love you all, too! Our current address is:

      Olivia Nelson, PCV
      Bərdə Mərkəzi Poçt
      Bərdə, Azərbaycan 0900

      Cookies are totally appreciated, but not necessary! Any sort of hello (whether through mail or just on here!) is always wonderful. So great to keep in touch with you guys.

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