One Moment

9 May

This evening, I came home to a blissfully silent household.

Typically packed to the gills with eight happy, busy people, when I arrived today I found only one smiling baby in the living room (seriously. I’m taking this cute baby back with me) and a busy host-sister cooking beautiful, tasty dolma.

Don’t get me wrong – my people are fantastic. But I think there is much to be said about having those few moments of serenity each day, and lately these moments are few and far between.

Our days during training are full and heavy: four hours of language training, four hours of technical, an hour of transit, an hour plus for dinner, homework for another hour – pack in trying to socialize with your host family and organize your chaotic, snug bedroom and that is another day over.

I have been loving this past month, though in reality it feels more like one really long, long day.

I wish I could pass along some huge, beautiful momentous action that has happened here, but I think what I’d rather share are the small moments that make these hectic days seem more than worth it.

So that, I think, will be my new goal (when the internet is up and at it; it has been on the fritz for far too long – I can get it quickly if I stand in the corner if my bedroom – how strange is that?!) – to share just one perfect moment from the day, be it crazy big (like the other day when I faired pretty solid on my language test – gooby!) or slight and inspiring like today.

Today, this perfect moment occurred right after I hugged my host niece and my host sister came out from the kitchen. We shared our days and with this huge smile she took my hands and said, in her quiet, perfectly tumultuous English, “Ollie. Today – I make dolma. Your favorite. Just for you. You – I love.”

I could have died. It was so sweet and sincere; she wasn’t trying to pass it off as anything huge or say she truly with all her heart loved every inch of me ­­– but it was a small, too kind gesture that melted every inch of me.

And after we ate our perfect dolma together, her adorable babies came and gave me hugs – and one pulled his pants down and peed on the floor, no big deal – and it was another strangely calm yet shattering day in Azerbaijan.

We also ascend dazzling and tremendous as the sun,

We found our own O my soul in the calm and cool of the day-break.

-Walt Whitman



One Response to “One Moment”

  1. ruth krueger (@tromtt) May 9, 2013 at 12:42 pm #

    you…I love too

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