11 Dec

What seems the weirdest, I think, is that we have been official Peace Corps Invitees for nearly FOUR whole days and I have yet to ramble on and post all about it until today.

My sister got married this weekend (!) and we went to a Packer game (also !) and I was super sick the past day and a half (not !) so perhaps, combined, that is a collective excuse for not screaming our good news from a mountain top until now.

But I also think I am feeling this weird sort of calm.  We have been planning this forward adventure for so long, receiving our invitations felt mostly like, “Well duh!  Here it finally is!”  Which, is sort of naive, as we have always told ourselves nothing is set in stone and we aren’t guaranteed anything.

Which may also be why we are feeling such content.  I honestly don’t think it will feel totally real and underway until we are actually in our host country, beginning training, and finally immersing ourselves into this big wide world.

Until that beautiful point in time, however, I am digesting as much as humanly possible about our country – Azerbaijan! – as possible.  The further we dove into this process and the more bits and pieces of information we received, we began to narrow down our options for placement.  As this was all just a big guesstimate, we never discovered nor discussed the possibility of Azerbaijan.  Which, truthfully, is really for the best.  Until it became official, it wouldn’t have mattered what we hypothetically accepted anyway.  And now that it is more or less the definite location, everything we read seems so real and is slowly sinking in.

I am still constantly shocked and find it hard to believe.  We leave in less than four months.  Mostly – and don’t take this the wrong way family, as I will miss you all – I keep thinking about my brother.  I obviously will miss all my family immensely, but my teeny tiny baby brother is one I’ve been having an especially weird and tough time these past few days coming to terms with.  Someone remind me how great Skype will be?

Other than that drag, we are so excited to be moving forward.  I think the world might be a bit overwhelmed with the bits of news they are shortly going to be hearing about Azerbaijan, but such is life.  Let’s do this!




2 Responses to “Invited!”

  1. Aunt Pony December 14, 2012 at 5:32 pm #

    While I sit and read this with tears because of how much I will miss you, it is what you wrote about your teeny tiny brother that really did me in. Don’t get me wrong….I am so very happy for you and Matthew. What an exciting new adventure! I will have to see you as much as possible in the next four months. I love you P.J.!!

    • livjnelson December 18, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

      You are wonderful. Love you too, Auntie Joanie.

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