Big Opinions: Day 15

15 Nov

Daily Prompt: IMHO

by michelle w. on November 15, 2012

Link to an item in the news you’ve been thinking about lately, and write the op-ed you’d like to see published on the topic.

For the most part, my partner and I see eye-to-eye on nearly everything.  From favorite sandwich shops (Jimmy John’s, obviously) up to bigger, more controversial issues, we fluidly and respectfully discuss and swap ideas, usually coming to an solid agreement.

But on occasion – which I think is good in a partnership – we disagree on a political issue.

And I become completely, irrationally, and in all other ways absurdly enraged.  I mean, I am surprised I don’t turn into the Hulk.


I like to think of it as being passionate, though my dear Matthew probably would disagree with that labeling as well.

This happens with other people, too.  I will be talking with someone, having a normal, conducive conversation.  A topic will arise and I will take a position in which I am firmly and decisively planted and which they disagree, and after that… honestly, folks, I don’t know what happens to me.

It’s as if I am hearing you disagreeing with me, and I understand that fundamentally you have a right to another point of view, but in no way, shape, or form can I see how or why you think the way you do.  I become so heatedly opposed that instead of having a constructive conversation about our differing opinions, I just start bulging at the neck, staring blankly at your seemingly ridiculous face.

This is a problem, I know.  One can be stubborn, sure.  But at times I can’t even allow myself to see merit in other points of view, and that helps no one.

When I was thinking about this prompt, then, I considered many topics in the news this week; I recalled NPR reports from this morning and scrolled through a few favorite news sources to consider what I might say in response.  In doing so, I realized that I could never be a great journalist for there is no way I could ever remove personal bias from a story.  Nor, for that matter, could I ever create a truly strong opinion piece, as I could never properly explore the opposing view point to help push my point of view.

If I were to choose a news item, it would be very hard for me not to respond to a political piece.  I love talking politics – though I’m sure few would enjoy talking politics with me – and while I never consider myself politically savvy in any sense, I firmly believe it is something we should be talking about constantly and passionately.

So, its weird, then, that I am choosing not to write an opinion for this prompt.  In a sense, it is my blog and a chance for me to share my opinions, but I think more than anything, I don’t want to get ridiculously angry.  I am really learning to listen.  I want to hear your ideas and considerations.  And, I think I’m just tired of being so defensive all the time.  That’s not to say I am giving in to any opposing viewpoints; I mean, I’ll be frank: I will still believe that some opinions are wrong and narrow-minded, but that’s not to say you can’t have them.

But really, you can believe otherwise, if you want to.  I am becoming just as narrow-minded in my disagreeing.

I will work on not being so opinionated.  I can’t make any promises, but I just made it through one whole post.

This is a start, maybe?


4 Responses to “Big Opinions: Day 15”

  1. shatashari November 15, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    Love the “Credible Hulk” concept.

    • livjnelson November 19, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

      thanks! i wish i could take credit it for it, but i found it on google images and just thought it was too perfect not to share. : )

  2. rarasaur November 16, 2012 at 12:44 am #

    I almost didn’t get past paragraph 2 because I’m so terrified of the Hulk, but I’m glad I braved it, haha– I think that’s a great goal. 🙂 I’m guilty of the same narrow minded disagreement, but with precious few topics… I try to remind myself that it’s possible for someone to be good and sane and… just have an opinion that is wrong, ha! 😉

    • livjnelson November 19, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

      well, thanks for braving it! : ) i totally agree, and often remind myself of the same. it is often just so difficult to get caught up in those little differences – which to me often mean big things – but that doesn’t make someone bad, really just… wrong, as you perfectly said! : )

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