Word: Day 9

9 Nov

Yesterday, after subbing for 35 5th graders, I returned home with a slight headache.  Twenty minutes later, it was a huge headache.  Twenty minutes after that, it was the migraine of the century.  Needless to say – though I’m obviously saying it anyway –  I did not make the chance to flow with NaBloPoMo. The prompt was “Embrace the Ick,” challenging writers to write a puff piece about something that truly repulses you.  It was entirely too fitting, and my silence fills that void impeccably.  Though a day down, on to Day 9!

Daily Prompt: Play Lexicographer

by michelle w. on November 9, 2012

Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.

juvedeavourious: a strong feeling of embarrassed amusement at the expense of a minor, often in cases where a sense of pride and positive delight is preferred.

Example: While Cathy stumbled through all her lines on opening night, causing titters through the audience, her mother sat, juvedeavouriously laughing quietly. 

From the Latin “juvenilis” meaning young and unskilled + the Greek “endeavourous” meaning fruitless attempts to be great while being completely and stubbornly oblivious to all the blunders you are making + the Latin “hilarious,” meaning it created an unplanned but still fabulous time for others. 

(Can you guess what I did tonight?)


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