A Post A Day: NaBloPoMo (Corny But Great)

2 Nov

November – amongst other festivities – is National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo for those who favor quadri-syllabic shortenings. While the abbreviation oozes cheese, the goals of this month are awesome:  to encourage bloggers to publish one new post on their blog each day for the month of November.  That’s it.

I recently stumbled across the WordPress blog The Daily Post, which offers a new prompt each day to motivate and challenge bloggers.  And in the spirit of NaBloPoMo, I thought I would challenge myself to follow whatever prompt may arise and create one new post each day this month.

While they may not directly relate to our experience in applying to the Peace Corps, this will be fabulous.  Not only will it help stimulate some creative juices, but I think it will help get me approaching writing in different ways.  Any opportunity to write – especially in the format I hope to process all our forthcoming adventures – is an outstanding opportunity to me.

So, even though I’m a day late and squeaking this second day’s post in at the buzzer, I’ll give it a whirl, and see how this month goes.  Thanks for following along, amigos!

Daily Prompt

by michelle w. on November 2, 2012

Write a letter to your 14-year-old self.

Dear 14-year-old Liv:

Right now, I can pretty much guarantee you are sitting cross legged on your snowflake blanket, reading Rolling Stone and listening to Cheap Trick at 11.  What you need to come to terms with now: you are a giant nerd.

But what you need to know more than anything else: don’t change.  Don’t try and cover up your adoration of Vonnegut, Star Wars,  Camus, or ABBA.  Keep trying to dress like David Bowie because he is a fashion hero and all the cool kids will do it one day. I know you feel these are all things 14-year-olds should hate, and at 16 your anxiety – brought on by a mix of OCD, boys, and just the general displeasures that come along with being 16 – will cause you to drift for a few years from your Jedi-loving self.  Yeah, you will learn a lot, but you could probably skip a lot of that, too.  I’ll tell you now:

Please go as Freddie Mercury for Halloween.  If you don’t this year, you never will, and I can tell you that’s a weird regret to have.  I promise the strange looks will be worth it.

Keep up with the journals – write more stories so that in 10 years you can laugh at how ridiculous yet strangely profound they still sound.

Practice the guitar more, okay? In a few years when you discover adult beverages, every single solitary time you have one too many, you will try to rock.  And you don’t. So try and get rocking now.

Play with Eddie more. He’s the best brother a gal could ever ask for, and one day you will find he is actually quite funny and not just terribly annoying.

Always say yes. Even though what you know may be comforting, start exploring the world tomorrow.

Make sure you see Queen + Paul Rodgers in concert.  I can’t tell you all the dark things that happen, but just know someone will try and replace Paul, and it isn’t pretty.

DO NOT go on the Star Tours ride.  Sure, C-3PO is the host and it looks like fun, but he is a husk of the droid he once was.  You will also become motion sick for the first time and ruin your adventures in theme parks for eternity.

Also, try guacamole. Just because its green and pasty doesn’t mean it isn’t tasty. You will love it.  The same goes for sushi.

Save up a bit more dinero.  Yeah, the old man is right.

What you really need to know, however, is that all those awkward moments and mistakes and little side-steps – however discomforting they may be – are all leading up to some great things. Spoiler alert: even during something as magical as your first date with the man you will marry, you will accidentally break his nose.  I mean, if that doesn’t  sum up the beauty of being Liv, I don’t know what will.

Do everything just as you have done it (though perhaps try a few of the aforementioned suggestions, if you fancy) because I know you’ll find life to finally be everything you know it is meant to be.

Be brave.

Live long and prosper,



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