26 Apr

After we submitted our application, we received both an email and a packet of information in the mail. 

In the packet was everything from background checks to fingerprint records.  We forged our way through them, and sent them off.  In the email, they requested some further information specific to our backgrounds; I had some education information to further send them, and m had some business stuff to fill out. 

Until this point, everything we have filled out or read or developed has been broad and targeted toward all applicants.  This was our first step that was specific to us.  Like, I could see that someone had actually read through our information and, with us in mind, chose what else to send to us.  Which was pretty sweet.

We are involved now.  It isn’t just a random end towards which we send things – we have a recruiter!  Who has a name!  And with whom we correspond!  Jackpot!

The next step is to wait for confirmation, and then we are scheduled for an interview (assuming they don’t find anything ridiculous to kick us out in this last batch of information.)

And that is where we are today.  I failed on my goal to be above and beyond timely – I waited until 11:45pm in the day it was due to send it, but it was still ON TIME. 

Next time, I will be better…


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